David Silverman


David Silverman is an animator best known for directing numerous episodes of the animated TV series The Simpsons, as well as The Simpsons Movie. Silverman was involved with the series from the very beginning, where he animated all of the original Simpsons Tracy Ullman shorts and went on to serve as director of animation for several years.

SilvermanÍs direction and animation is known for its energy, sharp timing, adventurous use of design elements and often complex acting, involving expressions and poses which are often quixotic, emotionally specific or highly exaggerated. It frequently recalls the works of Ward Kimball, Tex Avery, Bob Clampett and Chuck Jones. His most prolific period of work on The Simpsons can be roughly categorized as beginning with the ñTracy Ullmanî episodes and ending in or around season eight of the series, for which he animated HomerÍs psychedelic dream in ñEl Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)î. Other representative examples of SilvermanÍs work on ñThe Simpsonsî include the HomerÍs histrionic, spasmodic heart attack in ñHomerÍs Triple Bypassî, HomerÍs demented hysterics over the iconic painting of poker-playing canines in ñTreehouse of Horror IVî and subsequent turn as an even-more-deranged appropriation of Jack NicholsonÍs character from ñThe Shiningî in ñTreehouse of Horror Vî, and HomerÍs archetypically cartoonish reaction to BartÍs prescription of Focusyn in ñBrotherÍs Little Helperî.

Silverman is also the director of the The Simpsons Movie, which was released July 27, 2007. He originally left The Simpsons to direct additional sequences in The Road to El Dorado for DreamWorks. Some of his other film work includes Monsters, Inc. for Disney and Pixar, in which he was a co-director. He is currently a consulting producer and occasional director.

Silverman plays the tuba and has performed at events like Burning Man and on June 23, 2006, he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he played his flaming sousaphone. Silverman was a member of the UCLA Bruin Marching Band Sousaphone Section in the early 1980s. He is currently a member of Los Trancos Woods Community Marching Band. In January 2009, Silverman joined the LA band Vaud and the Villains.