Marti Spiegelman


Marti Spiegelman, MFA is a training professional, mentor, speaker, and founder and host of Awakening Value»: Shamanic Technologies of Consciousness and Success on the VoiceAmerica» Web Radio Network.

Marti holds a BA in biochemistry from Harvard University, an MFA in graphicdesign from the Yale School of Art and Architecture, and has advanced training inneurophysiology, psychology, and anthropology. She was president of her own designfirm for 20 years. She is founder of ShamanÍs Light», a professional training programdedicated to the creation of abundance through evolved consciousness and passion-based work. This year she is launching The Conscious CEO», an executive trainingsummit designed specifically for business leaders to master the organizing principlesof consciousness, the precise principles underlying all business, financial, social,governmental, and environmental success.

Marti also brings her knowledge to the financial world. She offers her course ConsciousTrading» through the Investment Mentoring Institute in Southern California, whereshe also trained as a trader. She was titled the 2010 Cambridge Registry ExecutiveProfessional of the Year for her work in applying the principles of consciousness to theevolution of business and environmental action.

The unique quality of MartiÍs work is the result of her nearly 40 years of business experience woven with her expertise in the indigenous technologies of consciousness.MartiÍs interest in the power of consciousness springs from her scientific backgroundcombined with the teachings of her shamanic initiations in South America, Africa, andAsia. Her insights into shamanic technologies, the related miracles of neurobiology,and our human capacity to create, evolve, and thrive provide the inspiration for thediscussions she leads in her trainings and in talks around the world.