Sonja Drakulich


Sonja Drakulich was born in Los Angeles of Serbian and Hungarian decent. She began performing Balkan and Medieval European music and her own compositions at the age of 18. Her studies and interests range from Hindustani to Persian, Turkish, Greek and Arabic singing. Her main focus is Bulgarian regional vocals. Sonja credits much of her learning of Eastern European styles to her teachers, Tatiana Sarbinska and Tsvetanka Varimezova. She has toured nationally with the Mevlevi Dervishes as a singer and percussionist, and in Indonesia with a lead role in the Gamelan theater group, Situbanda. She is most well known for her work in the internationally acclaimed world music ensemble, Stellamara. As the producer and singer of Stellamara, she has toured throughout the US and Europe and has produced three critically acclaimed CD releases. Throughout her studies and her career as producer and performer, she maintains her focus on the devotional aspect of song and on intercultural unification through music.