Jodi Lomask/Capacitor


Jodi Lomask has been commissioned to create original works for NASA, TED, SFO, Computers and Structures, the California Academy of Sciences, and the Salvadorian Olympic Gymnastics Team. Upon founding Capacitor in 1997, she began collaborating with world-renowned research scientists to create original dance works that draw attention to critical environmental issues. Under her artistic direction, Capacitor performed pieces that tackle the past and future of reproduction (futurespecies 2000), EarthÍs duet with the Universe (Within Outer Spaces 2001), the heroism and fantasy of video gaming (Avatars 2003), the visible and invisible layers of the Earth (Digging in the Dark 2005), symbiotic relationships in the forest (biome 2007), flower reproduction (The Perfect Flower 2009), and the oceanÍs vital forces (Okeanos, 2012).

Lomask was a dance and technology specialist at the Monaco Dance Forum in 2002 and 2004. She was invited to speaker at the Ecological Society of America conference in 2007, the American Physical Society in 2010, CUNYÍs Communicating Science through the Performing Arts in 2010, and the BLUEMiND Summit at CAS in 2011. Her work has been covered by Nature Magazine,, Res Magazine, SHIFT Magazine, NBC 11Ís Tech NOW!, CNET Radio, TECH TV, Dance Magazine, San Francisco Magazine, The New York Times, among other media outlets. Lomask has created performance concepts for the World Showcase and Future World in DisneyÍs Epcot Center. She appeared in National GeographicÍs ïWild ChroniclesÍ with canopy ecologist Dr. Na_lini Nadkarni.