Sarah Hillware


Sarah Hillware is an outspoken advocate for young womenÍs health and womenÍs empowerment. She recently completed her year as AmericaÍs Miss District of Columbia 2012 and has dedicated her life to empowering female youth around the world through health education and health access.

Sarah has been recognized for her academic, personal and professional achievements. She received the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award during her time at The George Washington University, and she has also been featured as a spoken word artist at the 5th Annual Activist Award & Grassroots Gala in Washington, DC. She has received nominations for ñThe YSA List: The 25 Most Powerful and Influential Young People,î the 2011 ñUnder 25 Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year,î the 2013 40 Under 40 Awards, and IntheCapitalÍs 50 on Fire Awards. Most recently, she was titled one of GenYNotÍs Top 10 Young Global Girl Leaders Celebrating International Day of the Girl.

Sarah has a significant record of community advocacy work in the District. She is the founder and director of Girls Health Ed., a health education program for girl youth ages 8-17 and is a volunteer and advocate with many other causes. In 2012, she served as a local celebrity ambassador for the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC.

Sarah has appeared on NBC Washington, in the Washington Examiner, the Washington Post, and multiple local blogs and magazines and recently presented her ideas on global girls health education at the United Nations headquarters through TEDxUNPlaza.

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