Carolyn Gable


As the Founder & CEO of a multi-million dollar 3rd party logistics firm, CarolynÍs road to a successful businesswoman was hardly typical. An average high school student with little motivation and no money to go to college, Carolyn graduated from beauty school to realize she had little interest in the trade. In order to make ends meet, she began waiting tables, a job she held for over a decade. Working in an exclusive restaurant atop of the Hyatt Chicago, wearing the mandatory uniform designed to appeal to the male clientele (including four-inch high heels), she waited on business men & women from all over the country. As a single mother, working for tips and living hand-to-mouth, it was barely enough to cover rent and feed her two kids. Something had to change.
The change arrived one day when the roof of the restaurant was damaged in a storm, forcing Carolyn to find work quickly. She walked into an employment office and said she wanted a sales job. The counsellor looked at Carolyn, at her previous work experience, and said the best he could do was a Customer Service position at a freight company.
Entering the male-dominated freight industry, Carolyn dedicated herself to learning the business and soon found herself in the sales position. A few years later, as the industry became de-regulated, Carolyn recognized an opportunity and started her own business, New Age Transportation, Distribution & Warehousing, Inc.
As her business flourished, Carolyn never forgot the struggles she endured as a single mother trying to make ends meet as a waitress. With a desire to help ease the financial burdens single, working parents encounter, she created the Expect A Miracle Foundation. The non-profit organization provides assistance for childrenÍs extra-curricular activities _ an expense many single parents struggle to afford. Since 2001, the organization has helped nearly 6000 children!
The dynamic author of Everything I Know as a CEO I Learned as a Waitress, Carolyn outlines her principles for success _ which can be applied within business and in oneÍs personal life. Sharing her life experiences and inspirational thoughts, the confidence her writing instills in the reader to take their own journey is undeniable. Her latest book, The Miracle Path, captures the hope, strength, and courage of others as they continue on their lifeÍs journey. A must-read for anyone that needs a little encouragement in pursuit of a miracle!
Carolyn generates the spark that you need to believe in yourself and to achieve your goals. She is living proof that individuals can overcome obstacles, beat the odds, and succeed. Hearing her tell her story, her words of inspiration, and her positive approach to the most difficult situations is as insightful to the CEO as it is to the single parent.