Chandni Kazi




Chandni Kazi is passionate about public health, social justice and the role of STEM in achieving both. She earned her bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in Molecular and Cell Biology, as well as her Masters of Public Health in Biostatistics from Loma Linda University. She is a published author on the relationship between education and maternal weight gain in U.S. Mothers. Alongside her studies, she volunteered at a nonprofit that served the youth experiencing homelessness. For two years, she digitized their data collection process and spent time with the youth providing public health services. This experience led her to devout her master’s thesis to researching better ways to help them with respect to their mental health and utilization of more public health services. Chandni now brings her unique interdisciplinary background into the workplace. She serves as a Product Manager at Great Place To Work Inc, a global organization that creates great workplaces for all. She is responsible for building innovations that help reduce systemic injustices that take place within organizations. Additionally, she chairs her company’s philanthropic group and volunteers her expertise to local nonprofits in need of data support. Chandni lives in San Francisco, CA and enjoys traveling, all things tacos, salsa dancing and surfing.