Daria Musk


Musician and CEO and Founder of Unlabeled Studio


Daria Musk is a musician, artistpreneur, founder and CEO of Unlabeled Studio. Her voice launched a thousand lines of code. After a nearly overnight success, singing for a global audience and building a fanbase of millions – through her first-of-a-kind live interactive online concerts – Daria Musk’s influence and ideas have spilled over from songs into talks, tours, press and accolades (from Billboard and Rolling Stone, to The GRAMMY’s new FutureNow Artist award) and behind-the-scenes consulting for the world’s biggest tech and entertainment companies. This millennial-musican-filmmaker-producer founded Unlabeled Studio, a new recording and multimedia production house where she and her team make albums, music videos, novels, film scores, short films, episodic content and more. Daria’s music and videos are made to move you and to inspire a generation of “artistpreneurs” like her, to make what they love and what they do.