Saher Daredia


Saher Daredia is a senior from San Jose, California majoring in Molecular Cell Biology and Public Health with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. Because of her passion for toxicology research and community-based advocacy, Saher hopes to pursue a career that allows her to use diverse approaches to promote the health of marginalized communities. In her free time, Saher enjoys being outdoors, cuddling with her dog Bolt, and consuming copious amounts of coffee and hummus.


Madhav Nekkar


Madhav is a junior at UC Berkeley majoring in economics and eventually hoping to pursue a career in medicine. Drawn to the TEDx space due to its interdisciplinary nature, Madhav is especially interested in exploring the intersection of health and society, including healthcare systems and disparities. He can be found poring over the latest issue of The Economist, or sampling any (vegetarian) cuisine he can get his hands on.


Renee Blodgett

Co-Curator & Senior Advisor

Renee is as a serial entrepreneur, marketing guru & travel writer. She is founder of Magic Sauce Media, a strategic marketing, PR & communications consultancy and online travel magazine We Blog the World. She is also co-founder of Blue Soul Earth, dedicated to helping those wishing to dive deeper into spirituality and connection. Having lived in 11 countries & traveled to 90+, she is known globally as a master of storytelling & helps others navigate digital waters & get aligned with their life purpose.


Ananya Krishnan

Director of Finance and Corporate Relations

Ananya is currently a junior studying Cognitive Science and Data Science. An avid icecream enthusiast, Ananya grew up in Sunny San Diego and is interested in exploring decision making particularly in economics. You can catch Ananya binge watching Netflix shows, listening to podcasts, catching up on sleep, or handsfull in a tub of ice cream.


Ishan Sharma

Director of Marketing and Outreach

Ishan is currently a senior studying Business at UC Berkeley. Ishan is currently involved with marketing and event logistics. Ishan grew up in Cupertino, California, where he developed an interest in entrepeneurship. In the future, Ishan hopes to go into product marketing or consulting. In his free time, Ishan enjoys drumming, longboarding, playing soccer, and of course, watching hours of TED Talks.


Felipe Cuellar

Director of Communications and Interactive Projects

Felipe Cuellar is looking to break into the world of Space Technoloogy and Exploration through his career in Mechanical Engineering. Born in Colombia and raised in Dubai, Felipe is in charge of Tech the day of the event, and coordinates with the speakers to plan powerpoints and talk lengths.


Alyssa Plese

Creative Director

Alyssa is a third year Conservation and Resource studies major at UC Berkeley with a creative streak that won’t quit. Preferred problem-solving approach: interdisciplinary. Enthusiastic about: sustainable urbanism and Swiss design. New Year’s Resolution: bake a decent loaf of sourdough.


Sonali Loomba

Co-Manager of Operations and Partnerships

Sonali Loomba is a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS). She grew up in Los Angeles, CA and always knew she wanted to pursue a career in the tech industry. With her passion of combining engineering and communication, Sonali hopes to develop technology that will benefit the world. When she’s not napping, you’ll find Sonali dancing, reading, or most importantly, brunching.


Danny Rozenblit

Manager of Marketing and Outreach

Danny Rozenblit is currently a sophomore intending to major in Business Administration and minor in Art Practice. Danny is passionate about channeling his creativity through numerous outlets such as marketing and photography, and seeks the intersection between business and art in his future career.


Trish Lai

Co-Manager of Operations and Partnerships

Trish Lai is currently a sophomore majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology. She is from San Diego and enjoys surfing and being outdoors. Trish hopes to pursue a career in veterinary medicine and promote conservation.

Noah Saso

Director of Technology

Noah is a second year studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) with an interest in neuroscience and various studies of the brain and consciousness. Raised in San Jose, California, Noah has always had a passion for technology and science. In his free time, he enjoys programming, music, and spending time with those around him. Noah is unsure what he wants to do in the future but is interested in Cyber Security, ML, and Quantum Computing.