Zellerbach Hall

in Berkeley, CA

February 17, 2018

from 10 AM to 5 PM


TEDxBerkeley 2018 will build a map beyond the two dimensions we know, by considering a set of new axes via technology, science, culture, and social advancement. Our speakers will each begin with their place along one of these dimensions, then introduce a new story and view. With each of these views, we build a better map of the world through unconventional perspectives and untold stories. Take a moment to consider your place in each of these maps and realize that the perspective we take changes what we see. There is power to showing up. Join us in finding our marker and pinpointing our place--You are here, and so are we.

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TEDxBerkeley 2017 Speaker

Brian Malow


On February 17, 2018 TEDxBerkeley is gathering world-leading thinkers, makers, and doers at UC Berkeley to discuss “You are Here”. The audience will be composed of a diverse mix of over 1500 students, professors, and thought leaders from Berkeley and beyond for a stimulating day of presentations, discussions, entertainment and art that will spark new ideas and opportunities for all.

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TEDxBerkeley 2017 Performer

Damien Horne

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